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If you are planning a concert tour with your choir to Italy or anywhere else in Europe you have found the right company . We are right there, within a walking distance to the Vatican ! For more than two millennia Christians have travelled to holy sites in Italy, to walk where our fathers-of-the-faith have walked, to see what our ancestors have left us. Bravo Tours has taken excellent care of thousands of visitors to Italy, in the last twenty-five years. Imagine your Choir singing in St.Peter's Basilica ? Our office in Rome has always made sure that , together with history and art, our clients would also receive a well marked inspiration from the incredible religious tradition expressed by our holy places. Whether you've already visited Italy , or you are planning to bring your Choir for the first time ,along with your parishioners, students and their families, our organization will provide the best services available for a Catholic group.
Accommodation to suit your budget, meals, activities, venues, transport, sightseeing - everything planned for you so you can focus on the music!

Sincerely, your new friends in Rome,
Paolo Ferrini


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